Club1 High School Program Pricing

Prime Teams: $650

Club1 Teams: $495

Our PRIME teams will be regional level travel teams in each grade level, that will compete with the top Midwest regional programs.  Our Club1 teams will consist of two to three local teams in each grade level that provide more development opportunities than the regional teams as well as saving costs on player fees and travel costs.

The price includes all tournament entry fees, Training Camp fees, weekly skill workouts, Under Armour jersey, and Under Armour shorts. Price does not include travel costs, meals, hotels (if required), and other related expenses. Our Club1 teams will play all local tournaments and leagues so there will not be any travel costs associated with playing.

PRIME Teams Club1 Teams
$650 player fee/additional travel costs $495 player fee/No travel costs
5-6 Combines 5-6 Combines
8 Tournaments 4 Practices
24-40 Tournament games 2 League Sessions
16-18 League Games
5 Tournaments
15-25 Tournament Games