Club1 High School Program


Club1 aims to change up the current high school club team model for Northeast Indiana.  We will focus on a player development program that will help develop our student-athletes both on and off of the court.  Our focus will be on both, those student-athletes looking to play college basketball and those that want to be the best high school player they can be.  For both of these types of student-athletes, Club1 is dedicated to helping them grow as leaders both on the court and off of it.  Our aim is to do this in an affordable manner as our Prime travel teams will have fees around $650 and our Club1 teams will have fees at $495 with no travel costs.

Club1 Combines

Club1 will use all-inclusive Combines as the cornerstone of our program.  Each combine will give our student-athletes either a half day or full day of development: including both on-court and off-court segments.  The combines will challenge each of our student-athletes and teams to grow as basketball players, as young men, and as leaders.  The Club1 combines will include team practices, skill-training, sports performance training, team practices, controlled scrimmages, and character/leadership development. For more information on our Club1 Combines, please see our Student-Athlete Development page.

Tournament Philosophy

College exposure is an important part of summer basketball and we are excited to use our connections to college programs at all levels in the Midwest to help our student athletes.  However, Club1’s top priority will continue to be our player development.  We believe that high school student-athletes should focus on using the Spring and Summer periods to balance developing as players on and off the court and gaining game experience against players of similar abilities.  We believe that student athletes that are not invited for a Club1 PRIME team or Gym Rats’ (Indy Heat) top two travel teams, should find a program in the Spring and Summer months that will give them the best situation to develop on and off the court as well as save their families money by playing close to home to reduce their player fees and travel costs.

Club1 believes that our new model for club basketball will be able to provide the best situation for student-athletes looking for either situation.  Our PRIME teams will be regional level travel teams in each grade level, that will compete with the top Midwest regional programs. Our Club1 teams will consist of two to three local teams in each grade level that provide more development opportunities than the regional teams as well as saving costs on player fees and travel costs.  Our travel teams will participate in seven to eight tournaments at locations throughout the Midwest.  Our local teams will participate in five tournaments and two league sessions in Fort Wayne.  All of the events that ALL of our teams play in will be open to and attended by college coaches at the NCAA DII-DIII, NAIA and JUCO levels as well as some NCAA D-1 certified events.

For more information on our schedule see our, 2019 Schedule Page.

The Program

The Club1 High School Program will begin with our first combine in mid-March and run through July.  Club1 will not have team activities in June as we encourage our student-athletes to be engaged and committed to their high school programs.

Our teams will participate in six program combines on weekends when they are not playing in tournaments for team and player development.  We will also provide weekly optional workouts for all of our players.  These 60-minute workout sessions will be led by one of our Club1 coaches or staff members.  Each workout will focus on skill development, specifically game speed shots, and competition experience.

For more information on our schedule see our, 2019 Schedule Page.