Club1 High School Student-Athlete Development

The Club1 High School program will provide opportunities for our student-athletes to grow both on and off the court.  The opportunities will include our Club1 Combines and weekly skill workouts.

Club1 Combines

Club1 student athletes will have six combines over the months of March, April, May, and July.  Our Combines will be held on most non-tournament weekends for both our Prime and Club1 teams.  The Club1 Combines are designed for our student athletes to focus on their development as a player, a person, and a teammate as we push them to learn, develop and grow so that they are prepared to take the next steps in their lives beyond high school.

On Court Segments

Team Practice#1-each team will start the day off with an intense practice focused on their individual and team development.  Their coach will have 75-90 minutes to work on key offensive and defensive concepts that their team needs to be successful and to execute in games.  Practice will consist of skill development, offensive and defensive breakdowns, shell defense drills, offensive playbook execution, and whole offensive and defensive play and competition.

Team Practice #2-this practice will be more skill, offensive and defensive situations, and offensive playbook review focused.  This practice is intended to be sure the team is ready to compete in the end of day scrimmages as well as upcoming tournaments and league play.

PSM Performance Testing and Training-the Parkview Sports Medicine team will be on hand to conduct injury screening, performance testing, and performance training.  The performance training will be aimed at increasing our student-athletes speed, agility, and jumping.  PSM will also educate our student athletes and parents on nutrition, injury prevention, and rest and sleep guidelines.

Scrimmage Games-each team will participate in one to two scrimmage contests.  These controlled scrimmages will give our teams valuable game experience while also developing the game experience of our student athletes.  Our teams will work on their in game execution and adjustments needed to prepare for tournament play.

Off Court Segments

Team Meetings and Goal Setting-These meetings will give our coaches time to discuss their teams and individual player goals as well as the team goals and roles on the team as they develop.  We will use this time for our coaches and staff to get to know our student-athletes better and to use their professional experience to give our student athletes a role model with advice on goal setting, college preparation, academics, time management, social media, and much more.

Lunch and Leadership Sessions-We will use this time to feed each of our student athletes and coaches at no extra cost.  During lunch we will use our staff as well as guest speakers to discuss leadership expectations and development.  Our speakers will discuss the importance of character in our leaders in society as well as how leaders grow and improve everyday among many other leadership topics.

Character Building: We will use our character building sessions to allow our coaches and players to look at ways they can develop their leadership skills.  We will use guest speakers, short devotionals, discussions, videos and other means to help our student-athletes think about or continue to grow their character.

Club1 Combine Mock Schedule

We will use both half day and full day combines depending on the schedule and gym space.  Below is a mock schedule for a full day combine.

9:00 am              Team Practice #1

10:15 am             Parkview Sports Medicine-performance training and testing

11:00 am             Team Meeting and Goal Setting

11:30 pm             Lunch and Leadership Discussions

12:15 pm             Team Practice #2 or Skill Development

1:00 pm               Character Building Session

1:30 pm               Scrimmage Games

3:00 pm               Dismiss

Weekly Skill Workouts

We will begin our weekly skill workouts the week after our first Club1 Combine.  These optional workouts will be staffed by our Club1 coaching staff and will focus on skill development as well as competition experience.  Our student-athletes will participate in 40-minutes of game shot drills and repetitions and then 20-minutes of breakdown as well as full court game and competition situations.

Locations and dates for these optional workouts are still to be determined.  We plan to have two workouts each week, with one taking place in Fort Wayne and one outside of Fort Wayne to give more student athletes a possible option within reasonable distance.

Parkview Sports Medicine Performance Training

In partnership with the PSM sports performance team, Club1 will provide its players with training and education in the areas of strength training, speed, jumping, and agility training, as well as sleep and nutrition.  The PSM team will be on hand at our combines to work with our student athletes in these areas.

To learn more about Parkview Sports Medicine, visit their website at: PSM Website