Club1 Pre-Season League

Start date: November 10, 2019

End date: December 8, 2019

Time: Noon-8 pm

Location: SportONE Fieldhouse

School Team Division-3rd-6th Grade Boys and Girls Teams

The Club1 Boy’s and Girl’s 3rd-8th Grade Pre-Season League will provide school based teams a place to compete against other school teams in the area in a competitive league where fundamental development is still emphasized.  This will be a four week league with teams playing two games each Sunday and will take Dec. 1st off because of the Thanksgiving holiday.
School Team Fee-$225 per team
Roster Fee- $85 (1 time fee covers Pre & Reg Season)

School Team Division Rules

Club Team Division-3rd-8th Grade Boys and Girls Team and Individual Registration

This league will be a four week league with teams playing two games on Nov. 10th, 17th, 24th, and a single elimination tournament on December 8th.
Club Team Fee- $425 per team
Individual Registration- $100 per individual

Club Team League Rules

Coaches that register as a team must have own uniforms but we can order T-Shirts for you at an additional cost.  Please email [email protected] if needed.

Please make checks available to “Club1 Basketbll”.

Admission Costs- $5 per person or a family pass for $15 (5 years and younger are free)

*If games are cancelled due to weather, we will attempt to make games up but there is no guarantee that they will and there will be no refunds.
THIS YEAR WE ARE TAKING PARENT VOLUNTEERS AS COACHES FOR OUR TEAMS.  If you coach a team we will give you  two coaches passes so that you do not have to pay admission each week.